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VOW ERP Solutions Private Limited ensures transparent yet secure internal and external communication with your employees and stakeholders.

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An all-inclusive cloud business
management and communication solution

VOW ERP Solutions Private Limited ensures transparent yet secure internal and external communication with your employees and stakeholders.
With VOW ERP Solutions Private Limited, you can now digitize your entire working environment, replacing arduous paperwork with simple and secure digital documentation. VOW ERP Solutions Private Limited improves regulatory compliance for your company by offering you fitting visibility on critical business information and consistent reporting across your various domains. It also seamlessly handles complex billing cycles and makes your data audit-friendly.

“We believe that the strength of a team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”

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Purchase of Materials
  • Unifies purchasing to provide agility and visibility.
  • Automated payables matching and invoice clearing to minimize workload, reduce errors, and speed supplier payments.
  • Monitors supplier developments and proactively mitigate risk to ensure a continuous supply.
Sales Management with CRM
  • Keeps track of each transaction that affects the master data, such as customer details, materials specification etc.
  • Effectively manage all your sales documents such as customer quotes and inquiries, complaints, agreements, and orders from a unified system.
Supply Chain with Logistics
  • Manage risk and improve supply chain resiliency through a steady flow of products and services to specific projects.
  • Interactively balance demand and supply by accurate forecasts.
  • Ensure detailed invoicing, cost allocation, and supply integrity.
Finance & Accounting
  • Merge financial and management accounting and profitability data into a single record.
  • Evaluate profit and margin contribution with real-time reporting and comprehensive analytics.
  • Make use of instant data to estimate customer credit risk, streamline billing and settle disputes.
Human Resource Management
  • Advanced search filters to promptly access HR documents across integrated systems.
  • Real-time dashboards for new hires and transitions to facilitate employee lifecycle automation and cross departmental collaboration.
  • Compensation and payroll management, including automated updating of pay calculation based on changes in the respective HR records.
Material Requirement, Inventory and Production Planning
  • A centralized location to access information regarding orders, customers, inventory, and items.
  • VOW ERP's demand planning tools help you readily check safety stock levels, maintain BOM, analyze the supply, and evaluate demand before generating orders.
  • Minimize inventory levels and carrying costs by being able to execute just-in-time production.

Benefits to the User

Simplify Business

Manage critical areas of your business such as accounting, operations, inventory, distribution, and suchlike from a single source of truth. Automation of manual processes saves you time and resources to better focus on strategic growth.

Make Smarter Decisions

Readily access financial, operational, and transactional data from anywhere across your cloud business system. Customize dashboards and visual analytics to obtain real-time insights, either as summaries or as detailed reviews.

Non Value Added Data Entry

Share business data easily to vendors and customers from just about anywhere through just a single log-in. Skip the usual hassles of deploying third-party applications for remote data services.

Reduce Upfront Cost

Being a SaaS solution, VOW ERP frees you up of installation and implementation expenses. It further eliminates the need for intensive hardware and middleware, which otherwise would have weighed down on your upfront costs.



Faster Time to Value

Sign-up, log in, and start! The success of a SaaS isn't as easy as its tagline may seem. The potential of a SaaS solution reaches its true purpose only when its user realizes the value they were expecting from it.
VOW ERP speeds up this time to value by merit of its esteemed feature, The Business Process Master List (BPML). BPML captures the scope of the business, maps out configuration and testing, and clearly defines vendor-customer roles. Having sketched a clear path and a predictable timeframe to success, it's only a matter of weeks that you get to witness the aha moment!


Modern User Interface

The user interface isn't just about how the product looks but rather about how easy it is to work with it. It's more than just about the size of the buttons and the font. It's about the feeling of productivity one gets while performing tasks with the product.
As far as the user is concerned, the interface is not the wrapper on the product. It is the product. And for that good reason, VOW ERP guarantees a user interface that's clear, responsive, consistent, and proactive. Apart from creating a sense of familiarity, VOW ERP extends an interaction that's intuitive.


Automatic Upgrades

Upgrades are tedious. But they are an absolute necessity! Without having access to the latest features, how can one possibly remain competitive? Also, being stuck on an old version of your software could put you the risk of losing out on your data security updates and patches.
VOW ERP takes care of the updates for you! As part of our subscription plan, updates will be applied to your operations as and when they become available. But, it's only after informing you that the update is coming through release notes with new features and functions, we roll them out. So, you won't find yourself abruptly held up by this transit halt.


Robust Data Security

Data security has always been a critical concern while moving on to the cloud. Being hosted on a multi-tenant cloud can get you uptight about security measures and compliance, not if you have VOW ERP on your side!
Our data isolation approach separates your data from our other customers to eliminate risk while enabling scalability. Thanks to your team of cloud security experts, you don't have to worry about data residency and industry compliance. Just so you know, our security managers are available 24/7, offering proactive service monitoring and protection.

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Look what our clients have said about us.

Excellent product! Easy to use and highly responsive. Consistent and prompt post implementation support. All at a great price. Really like the feature of customizing the product on our own.

- Harsh Binani
Founder | Talbot Force

VOW ERP took a lot of responsibilities off our plate. We were able to conveniently shift our focus to market expansion, brand loyalty, and employee retention. One of the few development teams that actually listen and care!

- Prashanth Hakim
CEO | Smart Works

For a startup that's so eager to grow in all directions but has little knowledge and time to manage resources, VOW ERP comes off as a great find. And also, it comes with an amazing team of dedicated people.

- M V Rao
CEO | Nellimarla Jute Mills

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You can also easily add on modules and users as you scale your business. Gearing up for growth can't get any easier, can it?

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